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"Struck down by the sword of a hero, let me fall; Steel in my heart and laughter on my lips!" -Edmund Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac, Act V.

(Based on the picture to the left, you may think me in a moment of deep and profound thought, pondering things like the nature of matter, the mind, the universe, time, space, etc.  What was really going through my head at this point was "How the hell am I going to get down from here?"  I figure honesty should be the best policy in this case.) 

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The long-term plan for this page is some general outlooks and philosophies on life and the universe in general.  For the meantime, however, I think some pictures of my big car wreck will do.  This is the 'before' picture....

And these are the 'after' pictures that were taken at the salvage yard they had to flatbed the car to...

Yeah, I really did a job on it.  You may be curious on how I managed this.  Well, a piece of well-timed road debris sent me sliding under a tractor trailer.  If you want the full scoop, here is the email I sent out to a bunch of my friends describing the whole thing.  Although I did walk away from the incident, it's not an experience I'd like to repeat. 

Things to come:  Humor, life, theology, I.Q., human interaction, society, death, and future plans.