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"Struck down by the sword of a hero, let me fall; Steel in my heart and laughter on my lips!" -Edmund Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac, Act V.

(Based on the picture to the left, you may think me in a moment of deep and profound thought, pondering things like the nature of matter, the mind, the universe, time, space, etc.  What was really going through my head at this point was "How the hell am I going to get down from here?"  I figure honesty should be the best policy in this case.) 

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Note:  This page just covers those whom I've had the pleasure of meeting in my current residence of Massachusetts.  There is a special place here for my New Jersey homies (it's where I originated from).


Over to the right yet again is my friend Steve Siegmund and I.  This was when we were producing the WPI New Voices 15 Festival back in 1997 (it's a theater thing).  He now lives in Natick, MA.  He spends his days honking his horn and yelling "Whoo! Whoo!" to the ladies.  He is also now the sacred keeper of the great movie ratings database.  Contrary to what you may think, we are NOT a gay couple.  Thanks for asking, though.

Back over to the left is Tara Halwes, who is without a doubt one of the coolest people I know.    On the right we have Dan Afonso, (aka Sleazy-D, aka "Da Moppa").  Dan's interests range from snowboarding to chillin' to ripping out sweet funk tunes on his synth to smackin' it down old school.  A true man of the world who isn't afraid to speak his mind.  A rare trait, to be sure.
Over to the right I have two of my homies who sometimes double as my personal bodyguards for a small retainer (when you weigh as much as I do, it doesn't hurt to have guys around who can kick ass). 

The dude with the shades is Todd Dibble, and he's scoping the place out.  Check out his page if you ever wanted to know what a Dibble was.  You just might learn something.  Todd gives the whole 'nice guy' personna an interesting twist.  He's got a very neat remote control car.

The other guy is Dan Martins, aka "Cuddles".  Dan's a great guy.  Fun to be around and into a lot of different things.  He's also a Vikings fan.  He introduced the rest of us to the world of TiVo.  Don't mess with him.  He's from New Bedford.  'Nuff said.

On the right, a group shot.  Dan M, Jeremy, Dan A, and myself in front of the old infamous "Dan & Dan's Place".  Ah, if only the walls in that pantry could talk.

On the left we have the one and only Jeremy Medicus posing for a picture with Chia, myself, and a good bronze friend I like to call "Blippo the Clown".  Jeremy actually holds the patent on ambivalence, as well as several others in the aerospace engineering field. 

Other friends who have web pages, but no pictures...

  • Tom Guyette - Behold his animal fury.
  • Ken Danila - A man of principle who kind of looks like a Muppet when he's drunk.
  • Steve Richardson - People climb mighty mountains for his hardware wisdom.
  • Seann Ives - Hippest cat on the Eastern Seaboard.  He's so cool, you could store a side of beef in him.
  • First Lieutenant Thomas Russell - My most trustworthy wingman.
  • Dana Schlosser - Big dude with lots of 'tude.  He teaches younglings, now.
  • Dawn Varacchi - She's got some kind of hair thing going on.  Keeper of the eventual blog.
  • N. Harrison Ripps - President of the Wilkes/Emichron foundation.  Better living through bioengineering.
  • Annika Ripps - His wife, and cool Sweedish chick to boot!
  • Chad Council - A trustworthy companion who has recently gone underground to avoid the mob.
  • Tom Carr - A strange fellow with a curious interest in higher primates.
  • Marybeth Miskovic - Dancing maniac and vet student.  She's had her whole arm up a horse's rear.
  • Helene Anderson - Everyone must get to know Helene, if you don't already.