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Imprecision in technical areas.

Little-known Joe Provo Fact Number Seven:
He used to have a late-night radio show on WICN in Worcester Massachusetts. He resigned after three years when he was told to pull a Steven Jesse Bernstein spoken word piece off the air. WICN no longer plays rock and roll.

"WebTV - Finally MSN users have people to flame."
- Joe Provo

I suggest that you hop over to Free Rice to maintain your vocabular while funding the UN World Food Program and visiting Ian Heavens Memorial.

Want more spew? If you need to calm down, read some haiku.

And as a parting shot, one of those insufferable Saturday Morning toy advertizements:

Current Funky Outfit for Slaughter Corps! 
From Tomy, Co.! 
In stores now! 
You put it together!