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Real freedom scares you
'cause it means responsibility.

-Dead Kennedys

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Rather Obvious Joe Fact Number Nine:
He kissed his ass goodbye on X-day. That's the SubGenius doomsday/salavtion that was on July 5th 1998. He laughed all the way to the saucers.

"Bureaucracies interpret communication as damage and route around it."
--Jamie Zawinski

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Want more spew? There's something about Church names that stick in my head...

And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Just in time for Bastille Day!


  *** Savage Lust of the Despicable Damned ***

   And don't miss George Burns's last role in

   *** Black Mass of the Brazen Warriors ***

   Free Mexican Stoplight Candy will be given to Everyone in the first ten rows!