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Scootin' 25 August 2007

On Saturday, 25 August 2007, I decided to take a ride on my scooter, a Vespa LX150. My route is based on the weekend fitness ride organized by Quad Cycles, the local bicycle shop.

The route snakes through the historic (U.S. Revolutionary War) towns of Arlington, Lexington, and Concord. From Concord, we snake through back roads of Acton and toss in a visit to Moto Market. On the way back, we head north through Carlisle (post office? check. general store? check.), skirt Chelmsford, and return through Bedford and Lexington.

These roads were great for scootin'. Very little traffic, lots of road visibility, decent speeds (25-45MPH speed limits), and a few New England back-road twists and turns.

I took about 3 hrs for the whole trip, and that includes my stop at Moto Market and a couple other stops for drinks (95°F on the day of the ride). The ride could have easily stretched to most of the day had I stopped for food or sightseeing.