aron atkins

music from the second floor

the soothing sounds of a vacuum

Trying to sooth an infant? Looking for vacuum sounds? Here you go. Over six minutes of a running vacuum.

quick & dirty

My first time playing with GarageBand ended up with a really crap recording of a new song, Out of Control. Even though the sound is clipping all over the place, you can still get a general idea of what the song should sound like. It has drums! They're generic-to-the-max looped drums, but drums!

I've subsequently recorded a rough version of Killing Time, a song which recently took on new life. I also took the Fostex-produced WAV tracks for The Hardest Thing and imported them into GarageBand.

All of these songs should be considered works-in-progress. For the most part, I'm not done writing the lyrics. All the guitar and vocals are single-takes.

I'm pretty impressed with GarageBand, so far. For a guitar/vocals artist, it's perfect for messing around with new ideas.


I own a a Fostex MR-8 Digital 8-track for quick recording. I've recorded a very rough version of a new song, The Hardest Thing. This is guitar, vocals, and bass.

A few years back, I was living in Andover, Massachusetts and recorded two songs on the 4-track, a wonderful little Tascam 424-MkII.

live @ WJUL

A number of years ago, I performed at a WJUL radio show hosted by Duct Tape Boy. Thanks to the speedy efforts of Roger Lavallee, the tracks are no longer only on DAT. I've now got a CD copy and have made all 18 tracks available as MP3s. If you'd like a CD, just . It's just me & the Guild, making music.


Here are the lyrics to a few of my songs. If there's anything in particular that you'd like to see, please let me know.