Lovecraftian Fragments

Textual fragments... Creatures... Places...

Yog'buglei mglw'nafh Tarinnath Yugnek la'gog shogdar!

I kept reading from that cursed scroll "N'gai, Az'guth'aqdar, bugg-onua, y'hah; Tellagothdar..." I was eternally banished to The Filthy Temple to Thanra, the Bringer of a Thousand Pleasures. Ph-inlui! Soul-destroying, nameless home of the Dagthoin. How I trembled with sorrow at its sight... Such unnerving andelains! I can hear the unnatural music now...

That night, I languidly dreamed of The Abandoned Temple to K'alinsheb, the Beast with a Thousand Thing and its overwhelming natives. It destroyed Ith-Yoghepoana in time. But I know that just beyond the stars, Mision-lei lies in wait for the next time someone, like poor Warren, tries to pull back the veil.

Doctor Henry Dexter Ward recalled Henry C. Warren's dying words: "Ph Nath thar! Ia Telnek! hepoinathshu!"

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Joe Provo