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Scootin' 22 September 2007

On Saturday, 22 September 2007, two friends and I went on a Mt. Wachusett scooter/motorcycle ride. We were a Vespa LX150 (me), a Honda Elite 80, and a BMW Dakar.

After heading to Bedford, we picked up Route 62 for the westbound half of our trip. Route 140 took us north to Mount Wachusett, then Route 2A brought us back for a predictible stop at Moto Market.

Once again, we found great roads for scootin'. We hit 50MPH a few times and some of the hills are pretty steep, so this route might be too much for a 50cc scooter. The 80cc Elite struggled a little bit on the longest hills.

This ride covered more miles (over 100!) than our earlier rides and took most of the afternoon.